Mind, Body and Spirit Renewal

There is a strong belief in the connection between mind, body and spirit in holistic thinking. Negative mental thought patterns WILL eventually result in physical and/or emotional disease or illness. So, reversing those negative mental thought patterns and turning them into positive patterns will lead to excellent physical and mental health going forward.

The process begins with healing the past and letting go of un-forgiveness, resentment and anger and the willingness to make a commitment to change your life. This includes changing the way you handle your problems, stress, friends, family, and your outlook on unavoidable day-to-day issues in your life.

Through psychic angelic readings and holistic and intuitive counseling, Lisa works with her clients to find their underlying issues and heal the past where they may feel "stuck". Only when that healing takes place can you have a healthy and happy present and future.

Whether you're looking for a psychic reading, spiritual guidance or holistic living advice, schedule an appointment today.

Lisa A. Tarves, MS, CHHP
Holistic Health Practitioner
Author of "Just Believe"
Radio Show Host -"Just Believe"
Co-host-"Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss"
Director of Marketing for Writestream Radio Network


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