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Lisa is committed to helping to put a natural healer in every home and encouraging people to keep known unhealthy chemicals out of their bodies.

"What I want everyone to focus on is living more naturally. Getting the toxins out of our homes. Cleaning with safer products and using non-toxic products on our skin through our skincare routines and makeup. Let's try to treat our bodies with plant-based solutions."

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Just Believe

In her 5-star-rated, triple international bestselling book, Just Believe, Lisa writes of a childhood where angel contact formed the spiritual beliefs that would later create a metaphysician, healer, and intuitive. 

Just Believe - Commonsense Spirituality for the 21st Century is available at all places books are sold, including, and is educational, engaging, and commonsensical.


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Beautycounter consultant,

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate,

board certified holistic health practitioner.