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Lisa Tarves, Metaphysician, author of the book, "Just Believe", Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and gifted intuitive, interviews experts in the area of metaphysics, spirituality, holistic health and the paranormal each Sunday at 7 pm Eastern time!  Many of the shows on "Just Believe" feature talented psychics who offer their time to give live psychic readings to callers. "Just Believe Radio" is part of the Writestream Radio Network.

Lisa is also the co-host of the women's interest show, "Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss". The other hosts are Daria DiGiovanni and Kristyn Fetterman.  Each Friday at 7 pm Eastern, we tackle topics from relationships, parenting and careers, to fashion, makeup, health and skin care.

If you would like to be a guest on "Just Believe", "Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss" or any of the other Writestream shows (, Lisa is the Director of Marketing for the Writestream Radio Network and would be happy to send your information to the appropriate show host.  She can be reached at

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Radio Guest Appearances by Lisa Tarves
Archived Radio Shows

Below are links to the radio shows where Lisa Tarves has been a guest.  Click on each of the links below to listen NOW!


"Living the Question Radio" with Von Goodwin
An Evening with Lisa Tarves

November 13, 2013

The Laura Longley Show
October 15, 2013

"Living the Question Radio" with Von Goodwin
Open Lines

September 11, 2013

"Living the Question Radio" with Von Goodwin
Open Lines - Intuitive Guidance with Lisa Tarves

June 12, 2013

"Writestream Tuesday with Dariaanne and Guest Lisa Tarves"
June 4, 2013

"Reality Spirituality with Lisa Tarves"

May 18, 2013

"These Dreams with Lisa Tarves"

May 8, 2013

"K-Talk Radio" - Fringe Show with Lisa Tarves
May 1, 2013

"Let's Talk Angels with Lisa Tarves"
April 10, 2013

"Stretch Yourself - Create the Relationships You Deserve"
Hollis Chapman Show

March 29, 2013

"Living the Question Radio" with Von Goodwin
Winter Blues and Big Pharm

March 13, 2013

"Ascension Talk Radio"
March 10, 2013

"The Dr. Melanie Show"
February 28, 2013

"The New Normal" Radio Show
February 27, 2013

Round Table and Open Lines 
February 10, 2013

The Top 10 Human Fears for 2013 
January 20, 2013

Is Happiness Just a Choice with Lisa Tarves
January 9, 2013

12/21/2012 Heralds a New Age of Spiritual Enlightenment
December 21, 2012

Be Realistic and Expect Miracles with Lisa Tarves
December 12, 2012

Lisa Tarves, Just Believe - "Energy Awareness Radio"
December 12, 2012

Spirits Among Us - Lisa Brown Tarves
December 11, 2012

Angels Among Us with Lisa Tarves, "Inspiration by Loretta"
November 26, 2012

Mending Relationships After the Election
November 14, 2012

Halloween Night with Lisa Tarves and Von Goodwin
October 31,2012

"Just Believe with Lisa Tarves" - with Von Goodwin
October 10, 2012

An Evening with Lisa Tarves - with Von Goodwin
September 12, 2012

"Spirits Among Us" - Lisa's RETURN guest appearance on Paramania Radio 
(Click on Lisa Tarves 20120904.mp3 for this specific show)

"Spirits Among Us" - Paramania Radio 
(Click on Lisa Tarves 20120821.mp3 for this specific show)

Just Believe w/ Lisa Tarves & David King on Von Goodwin's "Living The Question Radio" 
August 12, 2012

"Metaphysical Healings, with Lisa Tarves"
 (Live Psychic Readings and Healings)
August 8, 2012

"Metaphysical Healings, with Lisa Tarves"
(Live Psychic Readings and Healings)
July 11, 2012

"Metaphysical Healings, with Lisa Tarves"
(Live Psychic Readings and Healings)
June 13, 2012

Angel Numbers with Lisa Tarves
 May 27, 2012

Psychic Vampires with Lisa Tarves
February 26, 2012

Stories of Healing with Lisa Tarves
January 22, 2012


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